A Different Iron Chef

2005-02-20 22:16 - Ideas

I've watched Iron Chef quite regularly for some time now. Iron Chef is a kitchy japanese show that the food network has dubbed into english for broadcast in the US. It's a cooking game show, a contest between top chefs which provides an interesting peek into foreign cuisine of many kinds, and the mannerisms of the original japanese carry right over into the english translations, it's just a lot of fun to watch.

Well, there were only so many episodes and they've about run out it seems. The food network has created their own show now "Iron Chef America" which is a poor bastardization of the original show. We don't get the dubbed translations, but we hear a much more mundane commentary, and a lot of the "original" show's flavor is lost. There are a lot of other minor changes, but certainly worst is that in this case, the chairman chooses the iron chef to oppose the challenger rather than the challenger choosing.

For no particular reason, I was thinking about this in the shower this morning, and I dreampt up a fun twist on this whole situation. Each chef normally gets two sous chefs (assistants) to work with them. I thought that the challenger should get to choose their opponent. Then, the iron chef selected chooses one of his fellow chefs to be his assistant, leaving the third iron chef to assist the challenger. There have been a few special episodes in the past featuring iron chefs pitted against each other, and the combination of their specialities was always amazing. Would be fun to see it every episode.


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