2006-08-02 13:30 - Ideas

So the other day, I was sitting on the toilet. I had some time to think, and since I was in the toilet, I started to ponder the things nearby. Nothing cosmically impactful, but read on as it slowly gets better.

Isn't it just a little strange, that no matter what you eat, your poop turns out brown? What a biological wonder. But I remember clearly, and I wager that you might as well, when I was a kid, there was that one cereal that would turn your poop green. The long and the short of it is that if you eat a food that's drenched in enough artificial dye, and that dye happens to be indigestible, it will come out just like it went in: probably not brown.

So, I wondered, if we can turn our poop colors, with indigestible dyes, is that the limit? Why can't we design some sort of indigestible compound, with a scent? Make your turds smell better! Perfume for your poop: Poofume! And why stop there? Can we treat urine too, and make Peefume? In this crazy world, I just think these products would sell, and sell well.


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