The Anti Rush Hour Act

2004-07-22 14:10 - Ideas

If I were the President of the United States, I would push hard for the Anti Rush Hour Act. This is something that I have made up. Because rush hour sucks.

How stupid is it to have around half of the country's population wake up all at the same time, to get to work all at the same time, and in the process all cram onto the roads and trains and so forth all at the same time? Today, I visitited a client of ours, to show them how to use a product we sold them. Not at all my job. But most of the stuff I do around here isn't what I signed up for. The result is that about two hours after I am usually heading to work, I set out to go to work. The subway stations were empty compared to my usual commute. It was a slightly spooky feeling. Where I'm used to dodging and weaving to get past the throbbing mob, there were two, three people in sight.

And so I realized, we have got to get rid of rush hour. Let the morning people come in at 7AM. Let the night owls come in at 11AM. Let anyone come in anywhere in between. Wouldn't that be great?


I'd vote for it!
2004-07-22 15:38 - Lieuallen
An excellent idea! In New Jersey, "rush hour" actually controlled my life -- I went to work at 7:00 am just to beat the traffic. And now, 15+ years later, I'm still a morning person!
It Seemed a Good Idea at the Time...
2004-07-23 11:45 - tegs
While I would love to set my own hours and so forth I don't think this would work in the long run. I'm right with you wish rush hour sucks. I have an insane amount of patience but I hit rush hour and level head just explodes.

Society today is so selfish and impatient, they want everything immediately. We live in a time where immediate gratification is expected. People want answers now, solutions now, products and services now, not tomorrow, not next week, not 4 hours later, they want it NOW. If corporate America were setting their own hours I could see a large problem develop over time where hours worked across the time zones just didn't line up. There's already a 3 hour different between the 2 coasts, you add in a flexible work day and it will only make the situation worse. Society today is bad enough about taking responsiblity for their own lives and actions and work.. I believe we would begin to see a trend where people were accountable even less and less. Plus.. there's just those people out there that need some structure and expectations to function, sometimes too much freedom is bad =)

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